All that we know is mediated by perception. To perceive we must have a point of view. The universe is a dynamic matrix of points of views. These points of views, from quantum  particles to galaxies, act like holes in the fabric of spacetime  to provide conduits for perception.  These points of views, which we may call nodes act as both attractors and emiitters  of content.

The point of view is the bottleneck through which the information in the exterior matrix of the world must pass so that we can view it within the matrix of our brains. To accomplish this the space and time of the outside must deflate to the point at which it can make the passage. This infolding  occurs in the form of a vortex with compression, angular momentum and spin, reversing the process when broadcasting within the brain. At the moment of encapsulation, the only information that is conserved is the potential attenuated by its compression and torque. Information is retrieved as inflation activates the nodes of the matrix within the brain. 

Within, complexity theory, the process of deflation and inflation is modeled by what is called a phase space diagram. The potential contained within the encapsulated state is designated as the fractal index. A plum bub moving at the end of a free swinging pendulum tracks the progress of the potential as it expresses itself within the matrix. In mystic tradition this process is envisioned  as occurring upon a tree whose complexity is mapped by an escalating scale of parameters describing the point of view, beginning with zero, and increasing through nine . These states designated by numbers are connected by twenty two pathways that act like an alphabet to guide the mind from one state to another. These pathways are the fundamental symbols called archetypes which form the bases of the language by which we may realize the world